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Billing and Payment

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We have several different options to pay your bill. We’ve laid them all out here.

Mail option

You will still mail payments to your regional office.


We offer E-Bill which allows the customer to view and pay your bill online by credit or debit card. Sign up is free, for more information visit the Payment Options section on our Support page.

Call in

Credit/debit card transactions can be processed over the phone.

Automatic Payment Options

Automatic Payment provides a direct payment plan from a checking/savings account, debit card, or credit card. Payment occurs automatically the 10th of every month.

Please contact our office to sign up for one of the payment options or for more information.

Since Range bills a month in advanced, your first statement will be the next month following installation. The first statement will show a higher than average balance, due to the services from the previous month when you were installed and the current month. The following statement will be the normal monthly recurring cost.