Ultimate Wi-Fi

Control to tailor your Wi-Fi, your Way!

Ultimate Wi-Fi

Control to tailor your Wi-Fi, your Way!

Whether you’re with family, in the yard, or working from home, you need fast, reliable Wi-Fi that keeps YOU connected. With Ultimate Wi-Fi, it’s ALL within Range.

Your Ultimate Wi-Fi experience comes with:

  • FREE installation
  • FREE optimization and device connection
  • FREE Wi-Fi assessment to make sure you have coverage where you need it
  • FREE repair and replacement
  • FREE onsite support if we can’t fix it remotely
  • Enhancements to the Range’s Smart Home App including:
    • Expanded Network Controls with ExperienceIQ®
    • Boosted Network Security with ProtectIQ®

Just $10.00/month! New customers receive the first 3 months FREE. Contact us today!

ExperienceIQ® - You Decide What Content's Appropriate. And How Much.

This powerful feature lets you manage screen time, content and access to website, and applications, all from the app. It also lets you prioritize which devices should get preferred connection so if you work from home and want to make sure you always have enough bandwidth, this feature is for you.

Control Wi-Fi devices at home including game systems, smart TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and more!

  • Custom Settings by Family Members – Use profiles to assign devices specific to family members and easily pause the internet or create offline schedules.
  • Screen Time Limits
  • Preset Off Times, Bedtimes, or just Pause
  • View Usage and History
  • Safe Search – Remove inappropriate and explicit content for users search results.
  • Content Filtering – Block entire internet categories, apps, and websites.
  • Activity Priorities – Keep video calls from dropping or movies from buffering with activity prioritization.
  • Device Priorities – Keep low priority devices or network hogs from consuming your bandwidth by prioritizing the most important devices over all the rest.


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ProtectIQ® - Safe. Simple. Device Protection.

As hackers become increasingly sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. ProtectIQ keeps a lock on your network and alerts you when unwanted visitors, hackers, viruses, or malware try to visit. If it’s connected, it’s protected!

  • Secures – Achieves real-time threat protection for all your connected devices.
  • Scans – Monitors all network traffic data before anything gets to your devices.
  • Protects – Keeps the most vulnerable devices protected like smartTVs, cameras and thermostats.
  • Blocks – Defends against intrusions, threats, viruses and malware before they ever make it to your devices.
  • Alerts – Sends you regular notifications—keeping you in the know 24/7.