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Board Seats Up for Election

Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will hold its 71st Annual Meeting of the Members at the Best Western in Sheridan, Wyoming on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. At that time, the membership will elect trustees to fill the three seats on the Board whose terms are up for election.

The three seats on Range’s Board of Trustees up for re-election are Bob Fjelstad from District #1, Thane Thomas from District #3, and Shawn Ankney from District #4. All three incumbents have indicated they would like to be nominated for another three-year term.

A Nominating Committee consisting of six   Cooperative members has been appointed for the purpose of nominating as many qualified candidates as they deem necessary for placement on the 2024 election ballot. The Committee will meet at Range’s headquarters in Forsyth at 2325 Front Street and via teleconference at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5th, to nominate candidates to be placed on the ballot for the three positions. To qualify for placement on the ballot (per Article IV, Section 3 of the Cooperative bylaws), candidates must (a) be current members of Range Telephone, (b) maintain their principal residence in the area served by the Cooperative and in the district which that person is to represent, (c) no person shall be eligible who is in any way employed by, or financially interested in, a competing enterprise or a business engaged in selling communication service or supplies, or constructing or maintaining communication facilities, other than a business operating on a cooperative non-profit-basis for the purpose of furthering rural telephone or other communications service. In addition, no member may be nominated if he/she is related to a current employee of Range.

Anyone interested in being placed on the ballot, please contact a Nominating Committee member below from your district prior to Tuesday, March 5th, and ask to be placed on the ballot for the Board of Trustee 2024 election:

District #1 – Hysham (342), Rosebud (347), Forsyth (346 & 356)

  • Ted Church (406) 342-5843
  • Peggy Deveny (406) 342-5693, Cell (406) 696-8282

District #3 – Busby (592), Lame Deer (477), Birney (984), Ashland (784)

  • Rob Jones (406) 784-6518
  • Ken Kolka (406) 784-2578

District #4 – Decker (750 & 757), SE Sheridan (737), Clearmont (758), Arvada (736)

  • William “Willy” Benedict (307) 750-2412
  • Susan Dow (307) 750-2729, Cell (307) 752-8336

For more information, contact Range at 800-927-2643.

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