Providing the best in carrier-class services with our state of the art, fully-redundant, fiber-optic network


Providing the best in carrier-class services with our state of the art, fully-redundant, fiber-optic network

Network Map

The Range Network extends throughout Wyoming, Montana and neighboring states. The footprint of our fully redundant network is enhanced through our involvement with Dyverse Networks, a network of innovative telecommunications operators bringing critical connectivity to areas across the western United States.

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Dark Fiber

Dedicated fiber for secure connections at the speed of light

Dark fiber provides you the ultimate control over security, growth, latency, and service configuration.

Range’s Dark Fiber can provide you with unrestricted access to unlimited bandwidth, cost-effective pricing, and efficient network management. Customers have the ability to upgrade their own equipment as technology advancements and end-user demands increase over time. Range’s ever-expanding fiber footprint offers unique, fiber-dense routes to help our customers diversify and secure their networks.


  • Short-Term Lease and Long-Term Indefeasible Right to Use (IRU) Agreements Available
  • Strategically placed Communications structures for Colocation of REGEN/OPAMP facilities
  • Dedicated fibers and physical routes operated and maintained by certified Range technicians
  • High-count fiber routes constructed with fiber quantity and route diversity at top-of-mind
  • Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNI’s) with regional and national providers for simplified interconnections

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Ethernet Services

Premium fiber optic ethernet

Range offers premium ethernet services at affordable price points.

Range’s fully managed carrier-class Ethernet services offer standard bandwidth profiles ranging from 10M to 10G. Through ongoing partnerships with nationwide provider networks and a proven commitment to network expansion, Range can connect you across town or across the Country. Range’s private Ethernet scales readily and is versatile enough for almost any application, whether it be VOIP, IP video, or bandwidth-intensive data transmission. Ethernet can help you create and support WANs and LANs between geographically diverse locations.


  • Standard Bandwidth options from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Fully redundant, low-latency core network
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multi, and multi-to-multi configurations
  • Connect WANs and LANs within and across metros
  • Reliable, fast, and secure connectivity
  • Predictable end-to-end application performance
  • End-to-end network control and visibility
  • Customer integrated network monitoring available
  • Redundant fiber connectivity to multiple Tier-1 providers
  • Proactive, 24/7 network monitoring
  • Efficient, best in class service


  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA): Symmetrical bandwidth, delivered via Carrier-Grade Ethernet
  • IP Transit: Direct connection to Tier 1 provider with physical presence in Range’s Cheyenne, WY POP
  • Colocation: Scalable rack space and power options to meet the needs of any customer

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Wavelength Services

Flexible, high-speed optical transport solutions

Fully managed, private, point-to-point services.

Range’s Wavelength Services are delivered via our state-of-the-art Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network and support bandwidth-intensive Internet, video, and multimedia streaming applications. Wavelength services are tailored to provide a full suite of service options without having to install additional fiber.


  • Bandwidth profiles from 10G to 100G
  • LAN PHY and WAN PHY options available
  • Point-to-Point, fully managed optical wavelength services
  • User defined protocols and security measures
  • Diversified, sub-50ms switching on protected routes
  • SLAs up to 99.999% availability on protected routes
  • Flexible network topologies; single or multiple waves

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Wireless Backhaul Services

Fiber optic wireless backhaul solutions

With the majority of cell usage shifting from voice to Data, Range is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for wireless backhaul. Smart phones, bandwidth intensive applications, and high-definition video demand for the on-the-go customers have recently pushed the volume of mobile data to an all-time high. Mobile carriers have responded to the demand for data by revamping their networks to support LTE and 5G technologies. Range supports this demand by offering cost-effective, MEF certified products and constructing fiber to each tower.


  • End-to-end performance monitoring and Ethernet OAM
  • Y.1564 | Y.1734 | RFC2544 | Layer 1, 2, 3 diagnostic loopbacks
  • Standardized service protection and redundancy mechanisms
  • LAG (802.3ad) | Ethernet ring (Both G.8032 and G.8032v2) | EVC protection (G.8031)
  • IP and performance management options available
  • Up to 99.999% network availability protected via SLA
  • H-QOS (Quality of Service)
  • Circuit validation and throughput measurement testing (CIR, EIT, CBS, EBS)


  • Mobile Demarcation; Options for Multiple EVCs
  • Cell-Site and/or Hub-Site Connectivity
  • Fiber Extension
  • Ethernet Over Bonded PDH/SDH/SONET
  • Seamless Bandwidth Scalability

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