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You can access your Range webmail account from our website. Visit and it will prompt you to enter your username and password.

Over 95% of viruses are transmitted through e-mail and Range’s virus protection scans all e-mails. There is no 100% solution to protect against all viruses. Range recommends also having an “up-to-date” desktop virus and anti-spyware application, such as Range’s Client Tools with Anti-Virus Command.

Check the Email Filter Folder by into your e-mail account. The e-mail may have been tagged as SPAM. By default our Anti-SPAM feature is turned on for all users.

You can change your account password by logging your account or call our 24/7 Helpdesk and they can assist you as well.

Good news! You don’t have unfriend them. In your privacy settings, you can add them to a “restricted list” so that they can’t see what you did last night. You can also click “unsubscribe” on their page so you don’t have to see your families embarrassing pictures of you. For more privacy, related questions check Facebook website here.

There are several factors that contribute to DSL speeds. The Internet is dynamic by nature and bandwidth cannot be guaranteed. However, if it is excessively slow, try the above speed test websites and contact the Helpdesk at 1.855.866.4436